Dead Flame Lanterns - Utility
Dead Flame Lantern globes protect the flame with air going through
vents and out the chimney.


Adlake No 40
Steamboat Lantern

Alpine Folding Lantern

Boat Lantern

Bristol Clock Co

Chalwyn Signal

Dietz 8 Day

Dietz 74

Dietz Dark Lantern

Dietz Dark Lantern

Dietz Eureka

E.Thomas & Williams Ltd.

Embury No 40
Traffic Gard

Dietz No 40
Traffic Gard

Dietz Ruby Lamp

EF Cash & AL
Baron 1877

Luck E Lite

Embury No 40
Traffic Gard

Embury No 500

Frowo Candle

Gauge Lamp

Handlan 57H1

Handlan 57H2

Handlan 2000

Handlan 2000

Handlan 2500

Helvig Anchor Lantern

Lucas King of The

National Carbide

National Marine

National Marine Bulkhead

No 2

Neverout Buggy

Perkins Anchor Light

Perkins Bow Lamp

Perkins Brass Anchor

Perkins Yankee
Engineers Lantern

Perko Lifeboat

Police Lantern

Postal Sorting Lamp

Rhewum Blitz Closed

Rhewum Blitz Open

Search Light

SG & L
Farm Lantern

Stevens Patent Pocket Lantern

Toledo Acetylene
Lantern Co

Union Lamp Co